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Boilers are, and will probably be for a long period of time, some of the most inspired and welcomed investments you could make as a homeowner. Not only are they efficient and ingenious in design and in the way in which they operate, but they are meant to play two roles in any household: space heating and water heating. A central furnace heats the water which is then pumped through pipes into the radiators of your home. The hot water passing through the radiators will heat them and give off heat in the room, guaranteeing heating consistency.

They work on gas, electricity, oil or alternative fuels, depending on what you choose. Some of the best models the team at Mica Energy Solutions recommends are the Viessmann boilers, which run on gas and oil, and on biomass for the commercial equipment. Another hearty recommendation goes to the Weil-McLain units which come in a very wide variety, whether clients are looking to heat their homes with the help of water or steam. The NTI hydronic heating solutions are also on our list of top choices due to their state-of-the-art computer assisted design techniques.

When it comes to servicing, Mica Energy Solutions does a lot more than simply install and take care of the maintenance of your unit. An important aspect lies with the choosing of the right model for your home. We will help you make the best choice both in money paid and energy used, by helping you figure out what size and type of unit you really need. Only an accurate analysis of your home’s features and family needs will make sure that you do not feel the need to oversize, nor choose bellow your level of necessity. A correctly chosen boiler will guarantee your comfort and will be a great investment.