Radiant tubes

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Radiant tubes, otherwise known as infrared (IR) heating, are the home heating solution which best mimic de way in which the sun warms the earth. Their biggest advantage lies with the fact that they heat people and objects at floor level, because the heat in the form of the emitted electromagnetic waves is naturally absorbed by all physical bodies. The principles according to which the system operates are simple: the radiant energy that reaches anything in a room is absorbed, converted into body heat and then re-radiated; it is similar to being warmed by the sun.

Our best bets at Mica Energy Solutions are the radiant tubes from Schwank Innovative Heating Solutions and Superior Radiant Products. These two companies offer products which will increase your energy savings and the level of comfort in your home, will reduce heat loss and will take up very little space. The products sold by Schwank are recommended for harsh environments as they are moisture and corrosion resistant, with sealed tube heaters and protected fans. They are pretty silent and they guarantee energy savings of up to 50% for a period as small as 1 year. Superior Radiant Products is a company committed to research and development in technology and this is why they can afford to bring the innovative features such as independent zone modulation to the table.

The people working at Mica Energy Solutions will be more than happy to explain to you even more about how each system works and which one is best suited for your home or for the particular space you wish to heat this way. We will take into account the particularities of the space you want heated, install the radiant tubes and provide you with all of the necessary support services, for you to get the most out of the infrared heating system.