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Furnaces are also known as forced-air heating systems and they are the best choice for people who prefer installing one air system which heats in the cold season and use it for cooling in the hot season as well. A high-performing and efficient unit will be able to convert gas into heat while keeping the level of emissions as low as possible. This is one way of rating, known as the annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE). The most efficient models now go as high as 97% and higher.

One particular preference of the team at Mica Energy Solutions is the Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning Company. Throughout the years, we have discovered that these are some of the best performing furnaces, with higher energy efficiency than standard models, great product warranty and a very versatile and permissive product range. All clients need to do is figure out their needs and this is where we come in with useful advice, not to mention with experience on how these units have performed in the past, what expectations to have on maintenance and life expectancy.

At Mica Energy Solutions, we take pride in the services we provide even up to installation. We know how important any investment is, so we will help you make a decision based on the “heating load” which depends on the surface to be heated in your house, the cost of fuel, the performance and specifications of each model. With a general life expectancy of 16 to 20 years, the furnaces we install are intended to do a steady job for a long period of time, so all of your efforts will go into making sure we have the right product for each client.