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We have all fantasized about our dream homes and most certainly, most of them had beautiful fireplaces. The time has come for it to cease being a dream and to turn it into a reality, as today’s options are affordable and, most importantly, efficient and innovative. Installation is easy, not even a bit as restrictive as it used to be, thanks to the new gas-fueled models. Basically, as long as there is a possibility of connection to a gas source, installation is possible almost anywhere in the home. High-end gas solutions come with control systems that let you get to the desired temperature in the room, plus they come in a wide array of styles to suit any type of home design, be it traditional or modern.

Mica Energy Solutions proudly stands behind some of the partners we have met along the years and recommends some of the best in the business of producing fireplaces, namely Continental and Kingsman. Continental is a company committed to innovative engineering and design, advanced manufacturing techniques and superior warranties, to which we add the fact that they are the only gas furnace producers in Canada. Kingsman is a name synonymous with experience and professionalism, vouching for quality products, incomparable craftsmanship and the ability to exceed client expectations.

What will our team at Mica Energy Solutions do for your project? First of all, we will ask you all of the right questions, like whether you are on the market for a decorative or a functional appliance, whether you expect it to heat other parts of the house or simply the room it will be placed in, whether you understand the rating system and what item is most efficient. We will make use of all our expertise on fireplaces in order for you to make the best possible choice.