One of your more environment friendly options is the solar hot water heating system, which converts sunlight into renewable energy. Absorber plates are placed on the rooftop and they act like solar collectors to transfer the heat through insulated pipes and to the storage tank which is usually placed immediately above the collectors. No pumping is required. This technology can be used to heat domestic use and potable water, swimming pools, radiant floor systems.

As solar hot water system suppliers, we have chosen to work with Viessmann on more than one occasion. Their solution is the perfect addition to homeowners looking for a green resource. Their solar thermal program is among the most extensive on the market, its high performance even allowing some supplementary space heating in some cases. What is more, the system can reduce heating costs with up to 60% and CO2 emissions by up to 1 ton/year.

Mica Energy Solutions supports every green initiative our customers have and we are more than happy to help you get the system installed or keep in good functioning parameters the one you already have. We will make a thorough evaluation of your home and decide how much water you need to heat, whether the amount of solar radiation in the location is high enough to support your heating needs, and check on the storing capacities available. Most of these systems are designed to deliver hot water all through the year, even though they might need some help in the winter months, in which case an additional gas or electric booster will be added to heat the water when necessary. All in all, the solar hot water system is an energy-saving, cost-efficient solution and we recommend it.

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