Indirect water heaters, also known as combination or integrated heating, have a unique feature. The heating systems for space and water are separate. Water heated in the coil is run in a loop in the tank. Having water in the tank makes the furnace shut down and power up less often, making it more cost and energy efficient. This is a more expensive option and it is usually recommended for new constructions and homes set in colder climates, where the use of heating and hot water is more constant. However, what you spend on the products making up the system you get back in utility bills and low maintenance. The system runs on almost any source, from oil to gas, from electricity to sun power and it can even allow combinations between them.

Since the highest figures in this equation are the product prices, Mica Energy Solutions recommends some of the top choices which will guarantee customer satisfaction and quick payback. We will once again refer you to Viessmann, NTI and Weil McLain. Viessmann promises smart solutions and the guarantee of a good investment, NTI comes with a great range of products for any type of heating necessity, while Weil McLain makes everything fast and easy with two exceptional offers for indirect water heaters.

At Mica Energy Solutions we know that a good boiler and a well-insulated tank will insure the high performance of the system and this is why you will have our full support in choosing and setting up, as well as in maintenance, whenever necessary. It was mentioned that new constructions are the ideal homes for combination heating, but good contractors like us can retrofit any house for the indirect water heaters.

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