Hot water tanks

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Hot water tanks are units used for storing hot water for heating purposes and domestic use. These are very versatile products which can easily be adapted to your needs and house specifics. They can be heated by a central heating unit, a wood-burning stove, a heat pump, gas, electricity or green sources such as solar heat or biomass. The choice of such a unit depends on some careful calculations regarding consumption, the temperature in the house, the climate of the residential area, the cost of power resources to which the water tank will be connected, along with installation, maintenance and product costs.

Our Mica Energy Solutions experts have had quite a good experience with the hot water tanks from Bradford White, which we recommend whole-heartedly. They really cater to a large number of customer demands and make sure you find just the product your house needs. Another reliable supplier is the Giant Company. They cover both the residential as well as commercial areas and offer high performance, high-capacity heaters to supply entire households or to heat up large spaces.

Mica Energy Solutions is a company which believes in the importance of increasing a home’s energy consumption while reducing costs, and all by making smart choices. Heating the entire house and producing the necessary hot water for everyday use with a reasonable investment is what any homeowner wants, and this is exactly what we provide. In case the system is new to you, we will guide you through the change step-by-step, so you can fully appreciate the advantages of hot water tanks.