High velocity air conditioning

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The high velocity air conditioning option is a highly efficient energy system with multiple and very useful functions. It cools, filters, vents, dehumidifies and humidifies, according to the needs of the home owner. It is easy to install, with minimum interventions necessary, as it can be easily installed in existing walls and in small spaces. It works on the principle of pressure and it evens out perfectly the temperature in a room from floor to ceiling. By continuously mixing the air, it reduces the moisture by approximately 30%. Operating costs are also low, considering its multiple uses.

Mica Energy Solutions recommends the products of The Unico System and the SpacePak companies. The Unico System is the company which got the high velocity air conditioning system approved by the Department of Energy in the USA. Their systems come with the guarantee that they will fit in any space, they will match any décor and their installation implies no remodeling at all. SpacePak promises added character to your home, a comfortable use of energy and that no home remodeling whatsoever is needed to fit the system.

Apart from the quality guaranteed by the great choice of producers, Mica Energy Solutions brings professionalism and workmanship to the table. Our specialists will assess the situation and make the best recommendation for your home. We can install the system even in the most unconventional of settings as this is the best solution to opt for when you have space constraints and architectural limitations. We will calculate the load in order to establish the best size of the high velocity air conditioning system, install and maintain your system, based on our “Customer for Life” company guarantee.