Ductless air conditioning

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Quite the modern option nowadays, the ductless air conditioning system is the perfect choice for people looking to get cool air in the hot months, inside old houses with floor pipes and radiator systems. One of the least expensive solutions on the market, this system works like the traditional one, but it does not make use of a network of ducts, obviously. The system is made out of two components: the compressor, placed outside, which pumps and cools the refrigerant through copper lines to the indoor unit, and the indoor unit, usually placed on a wall or on the ceiling, which uses an electrically powered high capacity fan to distribute the cool air in the room.

Mica Energy Solutions has found that some of the best performing ductless air conditioning systems are those provided by Fujitsu General and by the Daikin companies. The Fujitsu brand name has been consolidated in years on the market and has been proven with undeniable quality for its products. Whether clients were looking for a less noisy cooling solution, or an answer to a humidity problem, this brand delivered. Daikin also delivers on the promise of providing people with cutting-edge technology and special attention paid to environment issues.

The main reason by we recommend the installing of such a system would be the improvement of the air quality, the pleasant experience of having the just right temperature at the click of a remote button and the fact that it is easy to maintain, easy to install and the benefits are plenty. There is a certain level of maintenance required for ductless air conditioning, but it is no more than for any other type of electrical device you depend on entirely for the comfort of your house and for a longer period of time in a year.