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Humidifiers are devices which emit vapor into the air in order to increase moisture levels, thus relieving some of the health problems you may have during the cold season such as dry lips, dry throat in the morning, recurring cold symptoms. Whole house units will usually solve all of your problems and keep a great humidity balance. What is more, compared to having several portable small units placed all around your house, the whole-house unit is a more cost effective and out-of-sight solution.

With a wide range of products and air cleaning solutions, General Filters is one of the companies making real efforts to become industry leader of indoor air quality and filtration systems. They employ a number of experts in air quality solutions and count on cutting-edge technology to develop their products. This is why they have made the recommendations list of Mica Energy Solutions. Another company known for its humidifiers is Aprilaire, a true industry innovator. They are the specialized division of the Research Products Corporation, who has been in the air quality providing business since 1938. Condair is another manufacturer in which we trust. They have been on the market for 65 years, have sales operations in over 14 countries and distribute their products in other 45. The numbers do the talking in this case.

Since there are so many models of humidity controlling units on the market and since it is much more advisable for homeowners to get such systems installed, our team at Mica Energy Solutions is more than ready to make and assessment of your house’s humidity levels in order to determine your needs, to recommend the best suited product, install it and keep it running in good shape. The thing to keep in mind when it comes to humidifiers is that too low humidity levels are bad, but too high levels are just as bad, so you will need help keeping it balanced.