Heat recovery ventilators

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Heat recovery ventilators

Heat recovery ventilators (HRV) make up a sort of energy recovery system meant to provide fresh air, improve climate control and save energy. It is very practical for well-insulated houses with high humidity in winter and summer. Designed to ventilate either individual rooms – such as laundry rooms, darkrooms, bathrooms – or multiple rooms, the HRV can save a minimum of 75% of the air which would otherwise be heated or cooled and then wasted. The system is designed to push out stale air and pull in fresh one at the same time, while introducing it indoors already heated or cooled.

The vänEE products are among the ones we, at Mica Energy Solutions, like to work with. This is a brand with tradition and experience, and they have come up with the design format that revolutionized the industry. Venmar is another company in whose ability to improve and innovate we trust. Also an old company and a pioneer on the market, the Venmar brand is market leader in manufacturing and distribution of heat recovery ventilators. Lifebreath is the company whose products have always exceeded customer expectations and it is a pleasure for any contractor to register such great results off of a recommendation.

One thing that is good to remember then thinking of installing such a system is the fact that already having a ductwork makes things much simpler and cheaper, because this way we can make use of the already existing return-air system. Even so, Mica Energy Solutions does not shy away from projects which imply setting up the whole system and we will even make some follow-up checks just to make sure that everything is good and functional and that your heat recovery ventilators are working just right.