Air filtration systems

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Air filtration systems are a guarantee of fresh air in your home and of a solid investment in your family’s health and comfort. They prevent harmful particles from cycling back into the air you breathe at home by protecting the blower fan from the dust, hair, allergens, pollen, dust mites, mildew, mildew spores and other particles it returns with. The system needs to be changed or cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent malfunction and in order to keep the air clean, as intended. In order to get the best results from the chosen filters, we recommend choosing one with a high MERV rate (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) – a unit which measures how efficient the filter is in capturing particles of specific sizes.

One of the best types of filters is the HEPA filter, made out of fiber glass, which gives it a unique configuration and the ability to let only clean air particles pass and to stop large contaminants, which are either trapped based on the principle of adhesion or pressed up against the filter by the strong air flow. HEPA filters are the most efficient as they can collect all of the airborne impurities and they are particularly recommended as the best air filtration systems for people suffering from asthma and hay fever.
General Filters makes the cut of manufacturers we like to work with at Mica Energy Solutions, along with Venmar, another reliable producer. Their air filtration systems are efficient and capable of taking care of the needs of a household and of larger spaces.

Mica Energy Solutions guarantees a professional and focused approach of your project, regardless whether it’s about getting the system installed or regular changes and maintenance work. We have the Customer-for-Life guarantee, making us the “go-to” guys in all matters related to comfort and the quality of the air in your house, such as the air filtration systems.